Costa Rei Holidays

Costa Rei is located in the southeast of Sardinia, 30 km and 25 minutes by car from the village of Muravera to which it belongs, 76 km from Cagliari and 24 km from Villasimius.Costa Rei has the tourist season, which lasts about 7 months from April to the end of October, a month in which the water temperature is still warm (23 degrees) and you can swim. In 2009, Costa Rei was awarded the “Travel Blogger Award” by the renowned travel guide publisher “Lonely Planet”, which ranked Costa Rei among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Costa Rei Holidays
Costa Rei Family Vacation

Costa Rei for Families

Costa Rei is surrounded by wild and untouched nature: you can enjoy a sandy beach of about 8 km length, which stretches from the rock of Peppino to the pine forest of Capo Ferrato, where you can organize picnics between the beach and hills in the midst of the Mediterranean vegetation in the shade of a beautiful pine forest behind the rocks.When the mistral blows, the colours of the sea are unique, reinforced by the currents that make the water even more transparent and with unique shades, so much so that it seems to be in the Caribbean.

Costa Rei Amazing Beach

Costa Rei is the ideal place if you are on a beach holiday with children: The seabed is rather shallow and slightly sloping, making it suitable for the elderly or those who do not feel safe in the water. If you want to have lunch on the beach and continue to enjoy the maritime atmosphere, there are kiosks or restaurants on or near the beach, while for dinner there are many restaurants to suit all tastes. The Sardinian cuisine, especially that of the Costa Rei and the whole Sarrabus, is prepared with real products and is connected to the territory, especially the limoncello or the liqueur of oranges and mixed citrus fruits are typical of this place, which is known all over Sardinia for the cultivation of citrus fruits.

Costa Rei Beach

The Caribbean of Mediterranean

"the colors of the sea are unique, reinforced by mediterranean sea currents that make the water even more transparent and with unique nuances, it seems to be in the Caribbean."
Mark Foster
Travel Blogger

Holidays in Sardinia

Costa Rei Nature

Along the road that leads from Costa Rei to Muravera, there are many citrus trees and many farms that grow and sell oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruits, and throughout the area, especially after a rainy day, you can smell a wonderful and unmistakable scent of fruit and orange blossoms that accompanies you along the way. As you move away, the memory of this delicate fragrance will not be long in coming. Every year in April, Muravera hosts an important festival that attracts many tourists and visitors to these places. Along the main streets of the village parade, wagons and people in traditional costumes parade around the village, showing the typical products of their territory such as Malloreddus, ricotta and potato cultures, fregola with mushrooms, roast pork and goat or sheep goulash as well as delicious starters made from local meat and cakes stuffed with vegetables called prazzidas.

Costa Rei Nature
Costa Rei Vacations

Sardinien Costa Rei Vacation

In Costa Rei, after a day by the sea and a dinner in a restaurant, farmhouse or pizzeria, you can take walks in the squares of the area where shops and markets are open late into the night, while children can enjoy the trips. Costa Rei offers a very close contact with an authentic and unspoilt nature: it is certainly the ideal place for a holiday of total relaxation, spending the days by the sea slowly and without stress, getting up in the morning by the birdsong as in a fairytale atmosphere, and continuing the day to rediscover the tranquility and silence of its natural rhythms. This place is surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean, so that we can consider it as a kind of cross between sea and land. From spring to autumn you can go on excursions along the many nature trails suitable for trekking lovers or for those who prefer to cycle.

Costa Rei Beautiful Place

Costa Rei “Piscina Rei” area There is a long cycle path among the fragrant plants of eucalyptus and oleanders, where you can also practice jogging in the middle of nature. Here there is also a beautiful place called “La Salina”, where behind the beautiful beach there is a natural pond where you can admire different bird species like grey heron, cormorant, seagull, puffin and sometimes the pink flamingo. Also in this area, in the zone of Iba Sa Cresia, there is a riding school that organizes excursions on horseback or quad-bike along the paths that have been designed for this purpose. Of course, from June to September in summer there are numerous diving centres or facilities that offer excursions and boat trips or dinghy trips along the coast and the beautiful bays that are only accessible by sea. For water sports enthusiasts there is of course the possibility of renting windsurfing and canoes or paddling on the board.

Costa Rei Horse Beach
sardinian food

Sardinian Food

Costa Rei beach is free, there are some kiosks where you can find drinks and snacks during the sunny day, from resorts to campsites, luxury hotels to holiday homes, Costa Rei has a wide variety of choices to spend your holidays, a few hours flight from the main European capitals, you can have a fantastic seaside resort, a summer climate for 7 months a year, a water temperature equal to that of the tropical islands, Costa Rei is the ideal choice for families, safety, tranquility, relaxation, nature, walks.In Costa Rei you can also eat typical Sardinian specialties, traditional dishes, typical Mediterranean products.

Costa Rei Peppino's Rock

The area of “Scoglio di Peppino” is the symbol of the Costa Rei, a white granite formation in the shape of a whale 100 m long and 25 m wide, composed of rocks that emerge in the sand and form natural pools with sun-drenched water and absolute transparency, the water is always calm and the shallow seabed is reminiscent of the Maldivian atolls, the white sand reflects the sunlight and lets you see the fish swimming out of the water in the middle of the rocks.

Crystal Clear Water

"Costa Rei is a paradise for all tourists who want to immerse themselves in the most spectacular Mediterranean Sea, crystal clear waters and endless white sandy beaches."
Megan Smith
Travel Blogger

Costa Rei Beach Apartment
100m from the sea

Costa Rei Holiday Homes Apartments for rent Tips

Costa Rei extends along its beach for 8Km of length, the houses that are located in front of the sea, the apartments on the beach, are not many, most of the holiday homes are located in the inland part of the coast, towards Monte Nai, which is the highest part of the country, being therefore above the sea, are reachable along uphill roads, so the use of the car to move to Costa Rei is mandatory.This inevitably involves some compromises to be accepted when you come on holiday here, if you choose a house for rent away from the sea, maybe a cheap house, a cheap apartment and economic.keep in mind how important the factor movements. make your choice for your holiday in Costa Rei taking these elements into account, evaluate the best offer for renting an apartment in Costa Rei that is the best solution for your holidays in Sardinia.

If you are looking for a holiday home in Costa Rei, or a holiday apartment in Costa Rei, you will realize how much tourist offer there is.
In your search you probably want to know if there are apartments on the beach, bungalows on the beach, houses for rent from private individuals in the center of the country. thanks to the web you can easily search for your holiday home in Costa Rei without the help of real estate agencies, you are free to choose the best tourist offer in terms of quality and price, but be careful to select the apartment near the sea for your holiday in Costa Rei.

Looking for a holiday rental by the sea in Sardinia can become difficult in the vast panorama of apartments near the sea, as the areas of Costa Rei where you can find apartments for rent for the 2019 holidays are many, for example you can find apartments in Rei Marina, apartments in Monte Nai, apartments directly on the sea, or in residences, apartments for two people, for a family of 4 people with children.The rental of apartments in Sardinia in August, when Italian tourists are most of the tourism, is usually quite challenging, everyone wants beachfront apartments, whether rented in July, August, September or October, there is a fixed request for information on apartments on the beach, all tourists, including foreigners obviously prefer to rent houses in the sea area, with free wifi, possibly from private individuals.

Sometimes the requests for tourist accommodation in Costa Rei relate to bungalows in residences or bungalows in camping or bungalows in tourist villages.
Depending on the number of family members who want to spend their holidays in Sardinia, the choice of renting an apartment in Costa Rei is undoubtedly the best solution to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, with a turquoise blue sea, sometimes the water depending on the area near the sea can take on colors from green to blue.


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